Latest 2024 Canadian Grand Prix Odds

With the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix fast approaching, excitement is building among Formula 1 fans and bettors alike. The race, set to take place at the iconic Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, promises high-speed thrills and intense competition. As teams and drivers prepare for one of the season’s most anticipated events, let’s take a look at the latest betting odds and favorites for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Top Contenders

As the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix draws nearer, the buzz around the top contenders intensifies. This year’s race promises a thrilling showdown at the iconic Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, with the world’s best drivers vying for glory. Among the favorites, seasoned champions and rising stars stand out, each bringing unique strengths and strategies to the track. Let’s delve into the profiles of the leading contenders who are poised to make a significant impact at this prestigious event. From the reigning world champion to formidable veterans and emerging talents, these drivers are set to light up Montreal with high-speed action and fierce competition.

Max Verstappen

The reigning world champion, Max Verstappen, continues to be the favorite for the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix. With his consistent performance and exceptional driving skills, Verstappen is currently listed at 2/1 odds to take the victory. His team, Red Bull Racing, has provided him with a highly competitive car, making him a strong contender.

Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is always a formidable opponent. Despite facing stiff competition, Hamilton’s experience and strategic prowess keep him in the running. Hamilton’s odds stand at 3/1, reflecting his ability to perform under pressure and his history of success at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Canadian Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has shown remarkable growth and potential. With a string of impressive performances, Leclerc is another top pick for the Canadian Grand Prix, with odds at 4/1. Ferrari’s improved car performance this season has given Leclerc a competitive edge, making him a strong candidate for the podium.

Sergio Perez

Max Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez, has proven to be a reliable and fast driver. Perez’s ability to capitalize on race opportunities places him among the favorites with odds of 5/1. His recent form and Red Bull’s solid performance make him a serious threat in Montreal.

Dark Horses

As the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix approaches, attention is not only on the top contenders but also on the dark horses who could shake up the race. These under-the-radar drivers have the potential to surprise fans and experts alike with their unexpected performances. Often overlooked in pre-race analyses, these racers possess the skills and determination to challenge the favorites and secure podium finishes. Let’s explore the profiles of these dark horses, whose blend of talent and grit makes them intriguing competitors at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Keep an eye on these drivers as they aim to defy the odds and make their mark in this thrilling Grand Prix.

Lando Norris

McLaren’s Lando Norris has been making waves in the Formula 1 world. With a promising start to the season, Norris is a dark horse to watch, currently at 10/1 odds. His growing experience and McLaren’s competitiveness could see him challenge the frontrunners.

George Russell

Mercedes’ George Russell is another driver to keep an eye on. Russell’s talent and determination have earned him 12/1 odds for the Canadian Grand Prix. As he continues to adapt and improve, Russell could surprise many with a strong performance.

Team Performance

As the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix approaches, the spotlight isn’t just on individual drivers but also on the overall performance of their teams. In Formula 1, success is a collective effort, relying heavily on the seamless collaboration between drivers, engineers, strategists, and pit crews. Each team’s preparation, strategy, and execution will play a crucial role in the race’s outcome. From the reigning champions to the emerging challengers, the team dynamics and performance metrics will be closely scrutinized. Let’s delve into how the top teams have prepared for this prestigious event and what to expect from their performance on race day.

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing is leading the pack with the most favorable odds for both their drivers, Verstappen and Perez. Their car’s performance this season has been exceptional, and their strategy has been spot-on, making them the team to beat.


Mercedes remains a powerful force in Formula 1, with both Hamilton and Russell capable of securing podium finishes. The team’s consistent performance and tactical acumen keep them in contention for top spots, although they face stiff competition from Red Bull.


Ferrari’s resurgence this season has been noteworthy. With Leclerc as a top contender and a more competitive car, Ferrari is looking to make a significant impact at the Canadian Grand Prix. Their odds reflect a strong potential for podium finishes.

Betting Tips

For those looking to place bets on the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix, it’s essential to consider recent performances, team strategies, and historical data on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. While Verstappen and Hamilton are clear favorites, betting on dark horses like Norris and Russell could yield higher returns due to their potential for surprise performances.

As the race weekend approaches, keep an eye on practice sessions and qualifying results, which can provide valuable insights into each driver’s form and car performance. This information can help make more informed betting decisions and enhance the overall excitement of the Canadian Grand Prix.

With thrilling action guaranteed on the track, the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix is set to be a highlight of the Formula 1 calendar, offering fans and bettors plenty of opportunities to engage with the sport and enjoy the spectacle of high-speed racing.

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